If you’re a citizen of the modern world, you probably use a smartphone. You use it to stream your favorite tunes, write emails, connect with friends and family, swipe right on your potential future soulmate, and fall down the occasional YouTube rabbit hole — in short, for pretty much anything.

And if you live in Europe, chances are that you’re accessing this all-important device with a 24-month contract. The 24-month phone and SIM contract is the standard option for getting a phone on a plan — it’s how we’ve been doing it for decades.  

But just because the 24-month contract is the norm, doesn’t mean it’s the best option for everyone. If you look closely, you’ll find that it can actually be quite limiting. Here’s why:


You don’t know what your circumstances will be in two years.

What if you move to another country or spend an extended period of time abroad? What if your needs or your financial situation change? Your 24-month contract doesn’t account for that — and it doesn’t adapt.

You might realize that two years is quite a long time to stick to a phone.

Many people like to upgrade every year because they want to enjoy the newest, most advanced technology. A 24-month contract won’t let you do that.

You could be overpaying for your phone.

While your monthly payments on a 24-month contract may be low, your overall costs will likely be high. Since you’re paying off a loan with a long run-time, you’ll often be charged a high amount of interest. By the time you’ve paid off your phone, you’ll have spent a good chunk more than the recommended retail price on a gadget you no longer use or can’t resell without a hassle.



So what else is currently available to those of us who want the convenience of a phone and SIM bundle without the financial burden of an outright purchase, and with a bit of flexibility to adjust in case our circumstances change? Not a lot.

We’re not the only ones to notice this. The German Federal Government has already introduced draft legislation which states that the minimum term for consumer contracts (including mobile phone contracts) may not exceed 12 months and that contracts must generally be more flexible to accommodate consumers’ needs. The “Fair Consumer Contracts Act” is currently being debated by the upper and lower houses of the German parliament and will likely go into effect later this year. 

But we’re not waiting for legislation to change — we’re challenging the status quo now. That’s why we’ve teamed up with mobilcom-debitel to bring you the future of mobile phone plans today. No more two-year contracts, no upfront phone costs, just all of the convenience and affordability of a phone and SIM bundle.



What’s the offer?

A new, extra-flexible phone and SIM bundle that includes 90% damage coverage. Rent your phone worry-free, on a monthly subscription with Grover, and return it, or upgrade to the latest model, whenever you want — no long-term financing agreement or additional insurance premium needed. Then choose a monthly tariff from mobilcom-debitel that you can switch or cancel each month — whenever it suits you. 

The best part? We did our homework to get you the most exclusive tariffs from mobilcom-debitel (in the Vodafone, Telefónica and O2 networks), starting from €7.99 monthly — ones you won’t get anywhere else. We’ve got all data-plans covered – from 4 GB all the way to unlimited – at unbelievably good rates. That’s also why you’ll only have access to them once you start renting.


Wondering how our bundles measure up compared to some of today’s best 24-month contract deals?*

Grover x mobilcom-debitel bundle (on a 12-month device rental plan with Grover)                

Smartphone model         Network                     Mobile / data plan                          Monthly price for bundle
Apple iPhone 12 mini 64GB         Telefónica                       Allnet 4 GB LTE                          €44,90
Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB         Vodafone                      Allnet Flat 10 GB                          €47,27

Standard 24-month phone and SIM contract

Smartphone model         Network                     Mobile / data plan                          Monthly price for bundle
Apple iPhone 12 mini 64GB         Telefónica                     3 GB                          €50,48
Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB         Congstar                      12 GB                          €68,16


How it works:

  1. Choose the mobile device you want from Grover and start renting.
  2. When your subscription is active, we’ll send a link to your (optional) SIM deals.
  3. Pick a mobilcom-debitel tariff (you can switch or cancel each month).
  4. Enjoy your new-found phone contract freedom.


What’s great is that our device and SIM bundle deals aren’t just available for smartphones — they also apply to wearables and tablets. In total, you can now rent 350 awesome mobile devices on GROVER.COM and get a matching SIM plan to complement your rental.

And it’s only the beginning. We’re working on more game-changing new offers and partnerships so that people can access their smartphones on a plan that fits both their wallet and their lifestyle. Stay tuned!

Find more information on our extra-flexible phone deals on GROVER.COM.

*Based on pricing at the time of writing (8. April 2021). Grover x mobilcom-debitel bundle pricing includes Grover’s standard discount (90% off the first month when you rent for 3+ months). 24-month contract pricing according to German comparison portal Check24 and includes 90% damage coverage with ERGO for €5,49 monthly.