The German government has started to ease its coronavirus restrictions and life is returning to some sort of normality. While a lot of things will be different in this new reality, we ultimately want the same freedoms as before: to be able do things that make life happier, in ways we can easily access.

Connecting, working, learning and exploring with family, friends and colleagues is central to what makes us human, and the freedom to make these connections is critical to our social fabric.

Today, we value the freedom to do these things more than ever, and it’s clear that technology is the doorway to them: it acts as a bridge to the experiences, people, and information that make us happy. The freedom to access technology is the key to that door. But accessing technology now seems to be a balance of difficult emotional and financial decisions. 

Grover’s vision is “for more people to get more out of life,” and in our new reality, Grover has an exciting and helpful role to play.


A new relationship with money, and a new type of freedom


Grover can help make sure that no one misses out on the technology that gives them the freedom to enjoy a productive, happy, and healthy life. Our flexible way of renting tech gives you access to the tech you need, so you can make the important stuff happen right now, with flexibility if your circumstances change. 

And that’s exactly the kind of freedom of access you’ll likely need right now. Because a huge change is happening, and you’ve probably already experienced it: we are building a new relationship with money – how we use it, and what we use it for.

In a time of uncertainty, the natural response is to be sensible with our cash, so the old-world approaches are worse now than ever before: buying is too big a commitment, and financing (also known as debt!) ties us down.

Previous frivolous purchases seem much less appealing: maybe you’ve already wondered why you bought that internet-connected Smart Water Bottle! (Yes, they exist.) But future purchases also seem difficult as we struggle to make decisions in an uncertain world. 

Or maybe you’ve felt something like this recently: your family are stuck indoors and you want to get a TV for them to enjoy – but you‘re wondering how you can afford it; or you want to buy an iPad for your grandparents so you can video call them, but committing to a two-year financing contract just doesn’t make sense right now. 

Who wants to commit to a long-term financing plan when it’s hard to plan two weeks ahead? Where is the sense in investing a lot of money in a product you badly need now, but might not need in a few months if things change again? 


A friendlier financial approach in a sea of old-fashioned options


It’s a tricky situation. We’re hesitating to buy or finance expensive tech, but we still want it to remain close to our loved ones, to work, to learn, or just to have fun and stay happy.

So, during and after coronavirus, Grover is more relevant than ever: a friendlier financial approach in a sea of old-fashioned buying options that don’t fit anymore.

With Grover’s technology rental service, people can stay at the cutting edge of technology, accessing the experiences that really matter, while preserving cash for all eventualities – to get more out of life.

When we started Grover in 2015, we wanted to help people be free from the old way of doing things, so they wouldn’t have to make a trade-off between investing in meaningful real-world experiences and staying connected through essential technology. Now, we’re more focused on this than ever.