“Take life at a slower pace, turn inward, and live in the now.” What would have been every self-help guru’s advice just a couple of weeks ago, has now become the new reality for many of us. But instead of finding relaxation and time for self-reflection in this new reality, we find ourselves confronted with uncertainty and isolation.

It’s an unprecedented time, and many of the changes to the way we work, play, care for, and interact with each other will likely be part of our “new normal”. In the next weeks and months, we’ll all be staying at home more, traveling less, and being more cautious about the way we spend money. It will be hard to plan ahead, let alone make any sort of plans.

We at Grover want to help people adapt to these changes by giving them access to useful, fun and comforting technology on a flexible and cost-efficient monthly subscription basis – to ensure that they may have and use the technology that will help them out most in their current circumstances, whatever those may be.

So if you need that cinema-quality projector to make the nights spent binge-watching shows on Netflix more enjoyable, or that smartphone to send to your grandma so she can finally get on FaceTime call with you, Grover’s got your back!

N26 has a very similar aim currently: They’re supporting people in staying entertained, curious, and healthy throughout this time with a number of helpful partner offers. Grover is one of them. 

We’ve partnered up with N26 in their We’re in this together campaign to bring flexible tech subscriptions to more people and to give our existing customers access to even more services that will make adapting to the new normal just a little bit easier.


What’s the offer?

  • All N26 You and N26 Metal customers (N26’s premium accounts) are now eligible for 90% off their first month’s subscription with Grover for rentals of 3 months or more.*
  • All N26 users with a standard account enjoy the same deal at 50% off.

And the best part: These offers are not just valid for customers who are new to Grover, but for our existing customers, too!


Why should you take advantage of this offer?

Beyond the great deal, you’re getting on your tech rentals with Grover, you’ll also get all of the benefits of banking with N26 when you take advantage of this offer: You can open an account within minutes, manage your finances in a user-friendly interface that gives you complete control over your personal expenses, and you can make free payments in any currency, with no extra foreign exchange rate fees. Most importantly, you get access to all of the other helpful partner offers within N26’s We’re in this together campaign. You’ll get perks and discounts with Headspace, Blinkist, 8fit, Audible, and many more platforms and services that can help make your life easier, more connected, and more enjoyable in the coming weeks and months.


Here’s how you get started:

  • Log in to your existing N26 account or open a new account
  • Open the “Explore” tab in your N26 app
  • Find the Grover offer to get your unique promo code
  • Go to Grover.com and log in to your customer account or create a new one
  • Select your desired tech product and minimum rental period and place your product in the Grover rent basket
  • Enter your promo code at checkout to apply your discount
  • Place your order 
  • Enjoy your product!


Find more information here and here.

* The offer is valid until June 30, 2020. One redemption per customer.