What day is it? After this crisis, it would come as no surprise if we all develop a better understanding of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Days in the home office have the habit of blurring into one another. The weekend takes place in another room in the flat at best. And when you’re done watching Tiger King and you’ve read through your book list, you want to know what to do next.

Because we’re also running out of ideas and we can’t find a new series on Netflix, we simply asked our peers. Here are the results:


1. Talking with tail-waggers

Our four-legged roommates just can’t believe their luck. Caresses and cuddles all day long? Heaven!

Sertaç from the Product team debates passionately with his dog Balim during their walks every day. Meanwhile, Mirella from the Business Development & Sales team is working diligently on the Instagram career of her fluffy quarantine buddy.

2. A virtual after-work beer

The Engineering and Product team proves once and for all that Google Hangouts and Co. are not only great for productive meetings, but also for virtual bar evenings. Cheers everyone!


3. A love affair with your tech

Everyone who saw the movie “Her” with Joaquin Phoenix knows what we’re talking about. So if you’re currently spending a lot of time with your tech, deeper feelings could indeed develop.

This is exactly what happened to Davit from the Engineering team. He even proposed marriage to his beloved. We congratulate him on the “yes-word”!


4. Top Chef on YouTube

Is basic spaghetti your culinary Mamma Mia? Level up! Grab a cookbook, search Instagram for recipes, and surprise yourself. We heard there are even cooking tutorials on TikTok.

And if you still lack inspiration: Alsira from the Content team has caught the cooking fever. She even kindly shared her “Best of” photos for us. Bon Appétit!


5. The big picture

When was the last time you found time for a board game evening? Now’s the time—grab your roommates and play for a small bet. For example, you can wager who will be the next toilet paper hunter. By the way, our colleague Timea decided on the game “Eldritch Horror”.


6. Growing a green thumb

A succulent plant was simply not enough. Ella from the Marketing team decided to plant a proper garden in her apartment, while Erin from the Design team also spends the time at home growing small houseplants. But you don’t have to start with lettuce right away. Did you know that you can regrow leeks?


7. Getting creative while learning languages

Learning a new language sounds great at first, if it weren’t for the vocabulary… Our video producer Lucas has developed a very clever method: he simply labels the objects in his apartment with the appropriate translation. So when he walks through his apartment, he always learns something new. We call it “learning by walking”.