Here’s how to switch from conference room to kitchen table

A change from the company desk to your own four walls may sound tempting – wearing sweatpants, snacking as much as you want, and no more waiting at the coffee machine.

Like many other teams, the Grover team has moved its office home in response to the corona pandemic. And without the right tech, we would be pretty stuck. We’ve therefore compiled a small list with the best tech for your home office. Of course, you can still rent all of these devices easily from our website.


Well then, let’s get to work!


1. The right laptop

If you work at the office with a monitor and PC tower, you can hardly bring the whole ensemble home with you. The right laptop is the first step to a productive home office.

It’s best to choose a device with the same operating system that you use in your company. This makes the transition easier and you don’t have to get used to a new system.


Our Favorites:

MacBook Pro 13“ with Touchbar


MacBook Pro 16“


Microsoft Surface Book 2


2. A pair of good headphones

Anyone who is used to working in an open space knows how important good noise-canceling headphones can be. The only difference is: At home, not only are your colleagues distracting you (remotely), but so is the seductively cozy couch in the next room, as well as the neighbors who are already watching the 10th episode of “The Walking Dead” next door. So you’d better quickly find an ambient playlist and immerse yourself musically.


Our Favorites:


Sony WH 1000 Xm3


Jabra Elite 75t


3. A monitor to fix your back pain

After a few hours of work on the couch, the initial comfort is quickly lost and one major thing remains … nasty back pain. It’s therefore worthwhile to set up a correct workplace right from the start and to not only to equip it with a laptop, but also with a monitor. Correct sitting posture is also extremely important in the home office. As a guide, if you’re sitting straight, your eyebrows should be approximately in line with the top of your screen. (How to find out if this is actually the case is another question. 🤔)


Our Favorite:


LG Monitor 27“


And during lunch break?

Don’t forget to take a break from all your productive work. With our tech favorites, you can quickly transform your living room into your own home theater, or you can rent a console and meet your friends virtually for a change. That way, you stay connected with your favorite people from home and you are well equipped for leisure on the couch.



Acer H6521ABD



Microsoft Xbox One X



Sonos Playbase