Cats have been internet famous for as long as the internet has existed. There wouldn’t be an internet without them. LOLCats asking “I Can Haz Cheezburger” were foundational to the language of memes – even if internet slang has swung more towards doge-speak in recent years, there would be no “Much wow” without “Can haz?”

Unique-looking felines like Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat tend to go viral, but truly all cats are beautiful. It’s not just their furry little faces, their adorable antics, or their independent spirits that make cats a staple of viral internet content – many cats online are also musically talented. Look no further than Nyan Cat, Bongo cat, and the original Keyboard cat (with 56 MILLION views to date) for evidence that cats + catchy songs = internet gold.

Several musical artists in many different genres have caught on to the cat trend, so no matter what kind of cats or tunes tickle your fancy, there’s certain to be something on this list of top 10 music videos featuring our feline friends that you can shake your tail to.

10 . DEVO – Cat listening party

The first five seconds of this video says it all: “On June 15th… DEVO put out “Something for Everybody” and they filled a room full of CATS to celebrate.”

9. The Cure – The Lovecats

80s goths The Cure take a lighter tone than their usual doom and gloom with this video for bop “The Lovecats,” where they roll around on the floor and cuddle with kittens.

8. Ed Sheeran – Drunk

Super-pop-star Ed Sheeran crushes some beers on the couch with his best cat friend who gives him relationship advice, plays guitar, and causes a little trouble when they go out to the club.

7. Ryan Barger – Dreams Are Real

Ryan is an NYC-based filmmaker and video editor with two cats named Hank and Buster. He describes this original song and music video with the words, “Time travel. Space Exploration. Violence. Drama. Love. Cats. Dreams.”

6. Best Coast – Crazy For You 

In the retro-tinged “Crazy For You” video by indie pop duo Best Coast, the band shows a behind-the-scenes look at making music videos, where they take direction from a cat director and all-cat camera crew.

5. Holy Fuck – Red Light

In this video from Canadian electronica band Holy Fuck, the cats play all of the instruments between clips of one bad kitty driving away from some kind of cat-astrophe.

4. Björk – Triumph of a heart

Björk has a big night out before happily reuniting with her housecat husband in this video directed by Spike Jonze.

3. Midnight Juggernauts – Systematic

Australian Synth-pop outfit Midnight Juggernauts went all out with the cat imagery for their “Systematic” video with psychedelic cat butts, an “O RLY” owl-faced chimera, and cats falling up, down, and sideways (always landing on their feet, of course).

2. AaronsAnimals – Office Cats

Not officially a band, AaronsAnimals’ channel on YouTube features a plethora of cat puppets doing hilarious human things. In this adventure, the cats play “We Will Rock You” on their office supplies.

1. Grover – Miet’se

Miet’se has everything you want in a music video with cats: a slick neon setting and graphics, fluffy kitties sitting on piles of hot new tech products, and a super catchy cat pun chorus.