If you work for a business that tracks NPS, you know that 82 is a wildly high score.

For the last week, Grover reached this peak of customer satisfaction, and we plan to keep it that way until we can keep it at 100.

Without giving away all our secrets, we’ll share some of our customers’ feedback on our vision “For more people to get more out of life,” and how we think startups in both finance and e-commerce can knock their NPS out of the park.

What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score, if you aren’t familiar, is tracked by a survey you ask your customers while or after they use your product. The question we really want our customers to answer is “How likely are you to recommend Grover?”

On a rating scale out of 10, anyone who gives your service 0-6 is ranked as a “detractor”. Users who rate 7 or 8 are “passive,” and 9 or 10s are “promoters.”

It may seem harsh to call people who give your service a 6 out of 10 a “detractor,” since it’s not a very low score. The key metric is whether or not your customers would recommend your service to others, fueling organic growth: 9s and 10s are the heart of your business.

To get the total NPS score, subtract the percentage of detractors from the promoters. Scores range between -100 and +100.

How did we do?

According to Retently, one of the top tools for optimizing NPS, a score between 0 and 30 is OK, and higher than 30 means customers are satisfied on average. Above 70 is just sensational, and it means a lot of customers are likely to tell their friends and family about your product.

We compared our recent score of 82 with some others in our two closest industries (although Grover breaks the mold of both traditional finance and traditional e-commerce) with tracking by Customer Guru. The best financial services score around 80, and the best e-commerce technology score was a 78 from Bose, whose headphones do make our daily work-lives at least 78% better.

…And you can rent them for €19.90 per month


One of the top companies in the Fortune 500 stood out with a score of 79, and not surprisingly, they have a lot in common with Grover: Costco.

What do a tech rental service and a members-only grocery store have in common? Costco has always been breaking the rules of traditional grocery shopping by offering their goods at cost and in bulk instead of marking them up. And their customers have expressed insane loyalty, with $3.14B in annual revenue and a subscription renewal rate of 90% because they favor this alternative business model so much over the old way of grocery shopping.

Breaking the rules of how customers can access certain goods, questioning the paradigms of retail and ownership with a simple subscription model? Where have we heard that before?

…so how did we do it?

These customer comments are just from the last week, but we’re always optimizing to maximize happiness over time. Here’s what some of our 9s and 10s on the scale had to say:

Fast 💫

“Very easy and fast!”
“Fast, easy ordering”
“Fast service”
“Fast delivery, good products”

Many of our respondents mentioned how fast ordering and delivery was. We know your fingers get tired on the keyboard or mobile easily and that’s why we try to make ordering as simple as possible. And nobody likes to wait for a package that never comes, so we make sure our warehouse and shipping providers get with the program.

Simple ⭐️

“Everything went super easy and smoothly :)”
“Good and uncomplicated service”
“Because everything was simple and easy to understand”
“Smooth processing”
“Box is exactly as described, all very straightforward”

Changing how people access technology seems like it would be complicated: we’re trying to introduce customers to a whole new way of thinking about things. This doesn’t only include material “things,” like laptops and smartphones, but also “things” like the concepts of ownership, e-waste, and the useful lifetimes of tech outside of the hype cycle. Making all of this as straightforward and easy to understand as possible is a big focus point for us.

Revolutionizing ownership 🔥

“I believe that it is a good thing to be able to rent equipment without much bureaucracy.”
“Because I need it only temporarily and a purchase would be superfluous.”
“A good concept for poorer people to be able to afford a good computer anyway”
“I am so confident in you, you are super friendly on the phone, answered quickly. The rent went easy super! Your design is great. Especially for students your company is just perfect! I have and will recommend you. Go on like this! 🌻”

Such kind words and a sunflower to boot really let us know that people get it! Our vision, for more people to get more out of life, is becoming a reality. These are the stories we love to hear, and the specific use cases – whether you have a small business, currently studying, or are a tech-fanatic on a budget, help us to create more offers and features that appeal to the people who love us the most.

New to Grover? Use the code WELCOME50 at checkout for 50% off the first month of your first order and discover the freedom of renting. Try it out yourself!