Our top picks for tech-y timepieces? Start with Samsung.


Choosing a smartwatch isn’t easy, because compared with picking your laptop or smartphone, it most requires finding a happy balance of function and form. Figuring out whether you’d be better suited to a fashion-first accessory, a rugged always-on fitness tracker, or a sports watch that combines special features and sleekness can be quite a complicated equation.




For converts to the Android ecosystem (because Apple Watches are a whole different $tory), Samsung’s selection of smartwatches narrow down the options without sacrificing performance or style. If you think the futuristic designs of offerings from FitBit or Garmin are a bit much, you can easily choose between a Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Watch Active.

Without going through pages and pages of comparisons on different tech blogs and reading lots of reviews, you know Samsung will work and look great doing it. Plus, with Grover, if you decide you didn’t make the right choice, it’s super easy to return and switch to a different brand or model.

These are two of our favorite smartwatches from the Samsung galaxy: read on and pick the one that suits your style to find your next perfect smartwatch.

The Classic: Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch is Samsung’s main attraction, crammed with all the features you could ever need. It’s also a flexible style choice, available in two different sizes and three different designs.


The LTE version works without your smartphone, and can connect itself to your headphones via Bluetooth. Imagine having access to all your favorite playlists, calls and messages, without taking your phone out of your pocket – or even leaving the phone at home.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch also boasts a seven day battery life. Track your activities, read news headlines, and even pay with your wrist for an entire week without worrying about charging.

Whether your goal is to spend less time looking at your phone screen, or you simply need a personal assistant on your wrist, you can’t beat the brains of the Galaxy Watch. But maybe you prefer something more subtle, and want a personal trainer more than a secretary?

The Minimalist: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The sporty cousin of the Galaxy Watch, Sumsung’s Galaxy Watch Active is thinner and lighter, with a smaller display. If you don’t need all the extra features of the LTE version, the Active is a perfect alternative with more wearability.

It still has high-end Samsung technology inside, and its features are focused on health and fitness, including real-time heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking so that you can wake up refreshed to do your best each day.

As for the style, the Galaxy Watch Active is even more customizable. The watch itself comes in four different colors: Rose Gold, Silver, Black and Green (well, it’s called green, but it looks more like a navy blue to us). The band comes in even more varieties: Black or Light Gray for the true minimalists, and pops of color like Yellow, Orange, and Pink for the more adventurous.

Light, fast, and fashion-flexible with all the features an active person needs, this smartwatch is the perfect fit for you if you don’t feel the need for a second smartphone on your wrist, but you do want a little buddy cheering you on.

How can you choose without trying them both?

Either one of our descriptions instantly jumped out at you, or you’ll just have to try them both for yourself. With Grover, you only pay for your tech while you try it out. And if it isn’t for you, simply send it back. The power to choose is now with you.

Shop smartwatches and find the one that sparks joy on your wrist.