Love is love, water is life

Instead of only changing our logo to a stunning rainbow gradient for Pride this year, we want to give you some LGBTQ+ tech tips you can use to live your best life year round.

But of course these apps and entertainments aren’t just for lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer-identifying people. If your Q stands for Questioning, if you wish we’d included more letters in that acronym that gets longer every year, or even if you’re a 100% heterosexual ally, here’s the real tea: we are all 50-70% water!

Hydration is key, so here’s our first tech tip for everyone before we break it down for the LGBTQs by letter: drink more water by tracking your intake with an app like My Water Balance.

The My Water Balance app lets you set a water drinking goal for the day and sends you notifications every couple of hours to remind you to sip some sweet H2O. If you’re planning on sweating on the streets at your local Pride parade this summer or just sitting at your desk in an air conditioned room writing blog posts, it doesn’t matter: you probably need to be drinking more water.

For the Ls: Siri & Alexa

It’s official: Apple and Amazon’s AI assistants Siri and Alexa are gay.

To celebrate the legalization of gay marriage in Vienna since January 1, 2019, and to kick off EuroPride, the two AIs were married in a beautiful ceremony at Belvedere Palace complete with flowers, balloons, cake, and a horse-drawn carriage ride. You can see all the pictures at, and watch the full story of their love from the first date to the honeymoon.

If you want to recreate the magic of their wedding day yourself, you can use the EuroPride skill with both devices to hear them say their vows in the comfort of your own home chapel.

For the Gs: MisterB&B

If you’re planning to Pride hop and party in different cities or are just looking for a better B&B booking service, try MisterB&B. It’s an AirBnB alternative that makes sure every home you stay in is safe and welcoming, and you can support the LGBTQ community at the same time.

For the Bs: Nancy

Brush up on your queer history and get the warm fuzzies with Nancy, a life-affirming podcast about the LGBTQ experience from WNYC. They have a big backlog of episodes full of interviews with gay icons from the media, educational episodes about gay history, and regular listener story segments. There’s even a starter kit page with selected episodes to meet the hosts, a playlist of episodes about building your queer community, and one that’s “for a good cry,” because everyone needs one of those sometimes.

For the Ts: Refuge Restrooms

As someone with a small bladder trying to increase their water intake, I think this is a very cool resource, but it’s obviously much more important for people who fear confrontation from others who think they’re in the “wrong” bathroom. Refuge Restrooms is an open source database of publicly accessible gender neutral bathrooms, plus you can filter for accessibility and baby changing tables. Don’t be fooled by the landing page that makes it looks like this only covers San Francisco, you can search any city – there’s 7 pages of results for Berlin.

Last but not least, for the QIA+: Work & Play

For the queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, allies, and more, here are a few more queer tech tips for work and play.

Proudr is the first business networking app for LGBTQ+ folks and allies who want to find queer-friendly workplaces and job opportunties. It’s like Linkedin or Xing, but without the awkwardness of knowing if the people you connect with for business will judge your personal lifestyle. The app seems fairly new, and according to the Facebook page they’re rolling out new features all the time.

If you’re still planning a summer vacation or saving up for a winter getaway, check out our last tip: the IGLTA. IGLTA, the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association was founded in 1983 and is the world’s leading network of LGBTQ+ welcoming tourism businesses. Their site can help you make safe choices and get great deals for trips to every continent. How does the Adventure Lovers Paradise from Gaycations Costa Rica sound? Or a Painting Holiday in South Iceland? Or an LGBT Tour of Kathmandu? Whatever floats your boat, travel in safety and style.

Brands and Pride

Grover is a Berlin-based company, a city that is globally well-known for its adventurous party scene and its openness to alternative lifestyles.

Instead of queer-baiting you with rainbow-colored deals, we hope that all of our LGBTQ+ customers who use Grover to access technology are using it to enrich their lives, and have a happy Pride, however you choose to celebrate.

…but if you did come to our blog and read all the way down here for sweet deals, you can find our latest discounts here. Now drink some water, and be safe out there!