Classic gold tech is back in fashion

Is all that glitters gold? You can’t always believe rumors about the newest releases from Apple, but this time, 9to5 Mac was right on the money: they leaked an image of the new gold iPhone XS a full week and a half before the September 12 Apple Event, and Apple fans everywhere held their breaths as Johnny Ive delivered us swirls of purple and gold pigments, sun-soaked sand dunes, golden-hour photography, and glittering city lights:

For the last couple of years, it was all about rose gold, but rose gold is so 2015. Classic gold is back.

If you want to live the all gold everything lifestyle, we’ve found some of the most ridiculous gold-dipped tech accessories to match your new iPhone XS:

A $60K gold-dipped Nikon Camera

For all those luxury shutterbugs, Brikk offers a gold-dipped Nikon kit with a Nikon Df DSLR body and AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm lens covered in 24K yellow gold plating.

24K Gold Technics Turntable

Take those gold records down off the wall and spin them on this matching 24-Karat turntable.

Gold-plated DJI Phantom

It’s stressful enough to fly a professional grade drone and try not to damage it when it’s only got metal, plastic, and expensive electronic parts on board. Top it off with a gold coating and you’re ready to lose $24,000 to a gust of wind.

Maybe we’ll stick with the classic gold iPhones.

Pre-order your iPhone XS in gold, silver or space gray from Grover here.