Every year, most of us get a tree into our living rooms and decorate it for Christmas. In Germany, around 25 million trees are taken in and made to glitter every year through December.

Fir trees have to grow for at least eight years until they are big enough for decorating. Shortly after the holidays, however, they end up out in the cold again on the side of the road. This year, we’re providing an alternative to single-use trees the Grover way, with Christmas trees you can rent.

Why not rent your Christmas tree?

If you still need a tree and don’t feel like cleaning dried-up pine needles off the floor for all of January, you can rent a lifelike Christmas tree for €20 per month with Grover, and send it back to us free of charge after the holiday season. The best thing about this tree is that it has embedded lights already on it, so you won’t have to untangle last year’s rat’s nest of cables. Decorating can be a no-mess, no-stress bonding time with your friends, family, and some Glühwein.

How to rent your Christmas tree with Grover

You can find your tree on our website amongst our selection of over 1300 tech products. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the Christmas tree on the website
  2. Register with Grover or create an account and get your tree delivered
  3. Keep it as long as you like and send it back for free after Christmas

Celebrate #buylessmas with us

It’s not only your Christmas tree that you could rent instead of buying this year. Instead of spending too much time in the pre-Christmas shopping chaos, you can give the gift of Grover. Your loved ones can try the tech you give them, and return them for free, or extend the rental flexibly if it’s just what they always wanted.

Rent your tree here