Now you can rent with Grover at Media Markt IRL, in stores!

Back in January, Grover partnered with Media Markt’s online stores to create Miet mich! This partnership has allowed thousands of new Grover customers to rent the latest tech from Media Markt, from smartphones to smart homes.

We know e-commerce is the future, but sometimes you want to go shopping in the store, hold the product in your hand, and talk to a salesperson on the floor about your options. Now, with Grover representatives in stores at Media Markt, you can do all of that and rent!

Shop like this guy! via MediaMarktSaturn

You will currently find helpful Grover-trained representatives at 5 stores in Berlin: Spandau, Biesdorf, Mitte, Neukölln, and the Media Markt in Potsdam, Brandenburg.

Look for friendly people wearing Grover t-shirts and lanyards at the “Miet Mich” stands for more information. They can help you with choosing the right product, and walk through the process of becoming part of the Grover community right there. The availability of products to rent from Grover will depend on the stock of each individual location (but if they don’t have it in-store, check for it online.

Now you don’t just choose it, use it, lose it, but you can also pick it up, turn it around, and feel it in your hands before you decide to take it home. It’s never been easier to rent with Grover than in person at Media Markt.

Browse the available products online here or see what’s trending in the Grover store.