Startup years are like dog years… we already feel old for only our second birthday!


Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us

We had a fabulous party at our Berlin office to celebrate, complete with vegan food, free-flowing beer, and live music from some of our sponsored Creators. How better to celebrate our birthday than with delicious, healthy food, awesome music, and great friends?

The Music

Jasmine Lajeunesse, known as Abstrak Jaz, delighted the party crowd with live music on her guitar. Jaz is part of our Creators program and got a loop station from Grover that she’s working with to produce her first full length album. She played two sets for us, with a talk by Grover’s founder and CEO Michael Cassau, and our CMO Thom Cummings in between. They spoke about Grover’s origins and how much we changed over the last two years.

Jaz is currently crowdfunding the production of her album, and you can subscribe to her YouTube channel for new music. Do it, she was amazing! We made a lot of effort to convert this conference room into a comfortable party space, and people still ended up sitting on the floor to listen closer:

The rest of the night we enjoyed the sweet sounds of spinning tunes from DJ Aezron.

The Food

Alaska Berlin helped us to rethink food by supplying the party with vegan tapas. What looks like salmon and cream cheese was actually cooked carrots and smashed cashews, the “tortilla de patata” or Spanish omelets, were really made of a chickpea flour mixture with veggies, and imitation bacon was actually marinated rice paper that somehow had a savory flavor and crispy-chewy texture. They even made crazy delicious tuna-less tuna salad and cheese-less cheese (what can’t vegans do with cashews??) with smoked hickory chips.

If you live in Berlin and your squad includes vegans, tapas lovers, or adventurous eaters and drinkers, we highly recommend paying Alaska a visit for tapas brunch.

And You!

Of course it’s not a party without the partygoers, and we had friends, family, other startups, and people from the Grover community all mixing and mingling. To spice things up, we passed around instant cameras to let our guests snap each other. By the end of the party, all the cameras were out of film and our photo board was full of memories (and we’re sure even more cute pics got taken home!)

Rent the Instax Wide 300 for 9,90€ per month from Grover for your next party, and don’t forget to send us some snaps.

Thank you all for coming and we hope to see you again soon! Like Grover’s Facebook page, join our Meetup group or mailing list to get event announcements