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Last night, from the inside of the space ship-like Steve Jobs Theater in the brand new Apple Park campus, Tim Cook revealed the latest models of iPhone that everyone has been talking about.

After opening the Keynote with a stirring speech in memory of Steve Jobs, Cook introduced Angela Ahrendts who talked about changes coming to the Apple retail stores. The first product to be announced was the new Apple Watch Series 3, with a very emotional video about people whose health and even lives were saved by their Apple Watch:

Next was the new Apple 4K TV with HDR display, and the exciting announcement that any HD movies bought from Apple could now be updated for free to 4K HDR quality:

By this time, everyone was still itching to find out when we would see the new iPhones, and they unveiled the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Most of the rumors about the specs turned out to be true for the iPhone X, including the $999 price tag.

If this is your reaction, don’t worry:

Dry those tears! You can preorder the iPhone 8 starting at 64,90€ per month for the 64GB model, and 89,90€ per month for that super-fancy iPhone X.

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And stay tuned for preorders to open for the other new products announced at the 2017 Apple Event