Tech Open Air is “Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary tech festival.” But what does that mean, interdisciplinary tech? It’s where people from tech, art, music, and science come together to explore fantastic new ideas. And the Grover team had a blast!

The Grover team lovingly hand-crafted all of the decorations for our booth:


In collaboration with Inception VR, Grover let TOA attendees try the latest technology in the form of a VR arcade. We’re no strangers to introducing people to new experiences – Grover previously held a VR-centered event combining VR experts and people who had never tried it before.

Since TOA attracts some of the best minds in tech, most visitors to our booth were probably not new to VR, but they still had a lot of fun. Using the Samsung Gear VR headsets and Samsung Galaxy phones, they experienced the surreal world of Salvador Dalí, the crowds at Boiler Room, short film experiences in 360º video, or the gay pride parade party in Tel Aviv!

We also distributed copies of MONTAG Magazine (which you can also read online at MONTAG.WTF), a magazine of tomorrow’s stories describing how technology will change the way we live.

…and we remembered to have some fun too!

See you next year!