“If God is a DJ, Miguelangelo is painting the chapel.”

Miguelangelo Rosario is a visual artist based in Berlin. He started his artistic career in 1986, with airbrush paintings, and for the last 30 years has created artistic designs for public and private spaces like stages, nightclubs, and event spaces. Since 2013 he has been working in 3D and VR to create visual art for projections and multimedia.

Grover invited Miguelangelo to speak at our first VR meetup event in Berlin, and he presented VR art that you can view online on Sketchfab. His art style could be called psychedelic, but is more accurately deemed “cyberdelic.” Cyberdelic art refers to the fusion of the psychedelic subculture with immersion in cyberspace. You can view his VR creations on Sketchfab using Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Oculus, or Samsung Gear VR.

(Find more cyberdelic GIFs from Miguelangelo on his Giphy Channel)

During his talk, Miguelangelo told us about the tools he uses to make art, and the VR creative process:

“From all this normal VR design stuff… came the VR creative tools, and the creative tools, like Tiltbrush, Quill, Medium, and GravitySketch, those are the things that people use to create art in VR. Not art for VR – but art in VR.”

“Everybody has heard of TiltBrush… for me, it’s the dream. I don’t get any paint on my fingers or my pants, I can spill paint all over the place and walk around in it. You paint in the air and it stays there. And in VR, people can take a look at it, look from all the sides, and even immerse themselves in the art as the artist has created it.”

“The creation process is way different than normal… when you build something, you have a goal, a design goal, but with VR art, you can just go in there, think of something, make a few brushstrokes… and it’s a totally liberating creative process that engulfs your self, because you are in the painting but whatever you do, wherever you are, the painting is around you and you could even scale it up so that you are a tiny little person and your painting or whatever you build is huge.”

See more VR Art curated by Miguelangelo at VR Area 42

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