It may seem like a cliché (and there are plenty of clichés about Berlin) but it’s true: Berlin has style. And Berlin’s style isn’t mainstream, so if you think you saw it all at the official Berlin Fashion Week, you haven’t seen anything!

Grover is proud to announce that we’re joining Berlin Alternative Fashion Week as a sponsor.

In their own words:

“Berlin Alternative Fashion Week is a platform showcasing the rise of alternative concepts in fashion. We promote influential, genre-breaking innovators from around the world and connect them with established contemporaries in the fields of fashion, music, and art.”

“It is a fashion week that celebrates non-conformity and one which challenges gender roles and restrictive attitudes. Embodying the idea that fashion should be inclusive, Berlin Alternative Fashion Week offers everyone the opportunity to witness the forefront of fashion as it unfolds each season.”

The mission of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week to offer access to the cutting edge of fashion aligns perfectly with Grover’s mission to offer access to cutting edge technology. We’re supporting the event by providing phones, iPads, and televisions to enhance the experience in the Halle and will be offering cameras and other equipment to Berlin’s bloggers and fashion community before and during the event. Also stay tuned for an historic live streaming event – this Berlin Alternative Fashion Week will be the first time an event has been broadcast from inside the Halle am Berghain.

Check out some of the best of last year’s Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, and join us this weekend March 30 – April 1. More details on the schedule and tickets are available at